Council is currently in the Review stage of the process which involves detailed review and analysis of submissions made during the public exhibition period. Following this analysis a revised Masterplan will be reported back to Council addressing the issues raised by submissions.

There have already been ways to be involved. For the results of previous consultation see the following:

PLEASE NOTE: Council is committed to openness and transparency in its decision making processes. The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 requires Council to provide public access to information held unless there are overriding public interest considerations against disclosure. Any submissions received will be made publicly available unless the writer can demonstrate that the release of part or all of the information would not be in the public interest. However, Council would be obliged to release information as required by court order or other specific law.

Submissions must be accompanied, where relevant, by a “Disclosure Statement of Political Donations and Gifts” in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government and Planning Legislation Amendment (Political Donations) Act 2008 No. 44.  Disclosure forms are available from Council’s Customer Services Section or may be downloaded directly from www.coffsharbour.nsw.gov.au/disclosurestatement.