The timeframe for the project is as follows:

  1. UNDERSTANDStarting November 2013, involving team analysis of the existing document, and opportunities and constraints for development, as well as background preparation of information.
  2. CHALLENGEStarting February 2014, Phase 1 community engagement, involving vision workshop, business survey, and testing of Masterplanning scenarios with the community and technical teams. View results here.
  3. DEVELOPStarting May 2014, assess all feedback and prepare draft Masterplan and strategies ready for exhibition.
  4. REFINE – Starting Mid 2015, undertake a Design Review to assess how the draft Masterplan and the Beach Reserve Plan of Management work together, and test how the two Plans will work together.
  5. INTEGRATE – Starting June 2016, integrate the recommendations of the Design Review and finalise the draft document.
  6. CONSULT – Starting October 2016, workshop traffic and parking issues with the community and traders; and then by placing the draft Masterplan on exhibition for community comment in early 2017.
  7. INTEGRATE – Starting February 2017, integrate the recommendations of the additional traffic and parking analysis.
  8. EXHIBIT – May/June 2017, exhibit the draft Masterplan and seek feedback from the community and stakeholders.
  9. REVIEW – Starting June 2017, analysis of submissions made during public exhibition of the draft Masterplan.
  10. INTEGRATE – After exhibition, integrate feedback from the community and stakeholders into the final Masterplan.
  11. DELIVERAfter exhibition, seek Council approval and endorsement of the final Masterplan, with the ultimate aim to implementation of the Plan in stages as money becomes available.

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